Western States Fee Schedule

Western States Lien Company provides service to customers in throughout the Western US.  Please note that the time period for filing Preliminary Notices / Notices to Property Owners varies by State.  In order to protect your rights to payment it is important that you submit your Notice Request as soon as possible and in no event later than 5 days after your company has first supplied labor, materials, or equipment to the Project so as to permit sufficient time for preparation and mailing.

Preliminary Notices / Notice to Owners – Original (Not Certified) (Up to 4 Mailings per Notice)    26.50
Preliminary Notices / Notice to Owners –
Over 4 Mailings Per Notice (Ea)
Preliminary Notices / Notice to Owners
(Cancelled Prior to Mailing)
Preliminary Notices / Notice to Owners (Amended)
(Not Certified)
Statutory 90 Day Notice and Claim on Bond    125.00
Owner / Contractor – Notice of Project Completion    125.00
Waiver & Release on Progress / Final Payment    25.00
Registrar of Contractors Complaint – No Pay    150.00
Prompt Pay Act Demand Letter    25.00
Mechanic’s Lien (Single Lot)    Starting at 275.00
Mechanic’s Lien (Multiple Lots / Complex Lien)    Call for Pricing
Mailing – Certified Mail (Per Notice)     3.75
Rush Fee – Preliminary Notices / Less than 5 Days     25.00
Stop Notices (Not Certified)     100.00
New Customer Set Up Fee     25.00
Research / Special Services (Per ¼ Hour)     20.00

Western States provides a discount of 5% on all 20 Day Preliminary Notices / Notices to Owners in excess of 10 per calendar month and a 10% discount on more than 20 notices per calendar month.  Pricing per notice includes up to 4 copies / mailings.  Additional addresses are extra.  Discounts do not apply to additional mailing fees or special services associated with such Notices.  Mechanic’s Lien Filings and Bond Claims may be prepared by Bluff & Associates, P.C.. Recording, Mailing, and Service / Research Fees are Extra.